Catherine Colt Dickey, baby Mary, Charlie, and Charles D. Dickey, 1920


Links to some items of interest concerning the Lindsay & Dickey families

Stephen Whitney Lindsay


Charles Dickey at Yale 1915
"Popsy's Hockey Years"
A short paper about my grandfather Charles D. Dickey's hockey "career".  In the era before World War I (1912-1917), he played at Yale and in New York City. (pdf file)
Bradish Johnson
"Bradish Johnson"
A short biography of one of my great-great-great grandfathers— a notorious 19th century sugar tycoon with roots in Louisiana and New York. (pdf file)

Eliza Catherine Seon Massachusetts Dunscomb Colt (with great grandson Charles Dickey)

Mrs. Harris Colt around 1920

"Magill and Dunscomb"
On Thanksgiving of 1907, my 73 year old great-great grandmother Catherine Seon Dunscomb Colt set down all she knew about her father's and mother's families - Magill, Denny, Seon, Manley, and Dunscomb. (pdf file)


"Thorntree"- the Witherspoon house in Kingstree, South Carolina

In 1780, Robert Witherspoon (1728-1788) wrote down an account of immigrating to South Carolina from Northern Ireland with his family when he was 6 years old. Robert Witherspoon was one of my 4th great grandfathers. (.pdf file)